Bucket lists and Japanese saws

This blade was made by Mitsukawa in Japan and bar fully hand-forged saws it is one of the best of its kind. Mitsukawa make beautiful handles for their saws but I can work with my simple solution no bother.

Inspired by a friend, I started working on a list of things to do in the coming days and weeks. Things I have wanted or thought of doing but had other stuff get in the way. It was inevitable that some of these things would get me into the workshop and I started with a simple one: making an unused or unusable tool into a functional one. I have restored old tools before but was looking for something else.


I have been using Japanese saws for a while but I was lacking a rip saw (one for cutting along the grain) that I could comfortably use. I have had a Ryoba blade lying around for months but without a handle which made it an easy target. Half an hour’s time, some Douglas fir, a nail and a length of string is all that took to make a functional saw. The shaft is placed in the groove in one half of the handle and then sandwiched in. Shaping done with a jack plane. Simple stuff, the best way.



Ryoba is a double-sided Japanese saw and one side is usually filed for cross-cutting and the other for ripping. This little baby rips down an oak panel like a dream.




Why it took me months to do this I have not a clue but boy am I glad I finally got around to fixing this up. Now I just need to use the saw to build something, which shouldn’t be that hard!


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Furniture Making and Design. Working with Japanese hand tools. Living in Scotland.

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