Glad to be carving…

Working on a piece requested as a spin-off of the book carving I made earlier this year for a friend. This one is for a wedding and it is going to Spain. I was glad to make another carving, and was positively surprised at how confident I felt with the roughing out of the initial form having done one before.

As is not uncommon, this project crept on me with the client expanding on the initial brief; this was supposed to be just the two names and date with some love hearts…

Generally very simple, too, but the amount of text to be fit into the constrained space put me in a few very tight spots so when it came to putting the inscription in, my confidence withered at a disheartening rate. I went for a variation of a cursive typeface I found somewhere and I carved the whole text with my V-tool. Challenging for my limited skill set.

The lettering is getting painted with red enamel before a clean up and finish. I will probably go for wax and buff in the end.


Published by studio ASAGI

Furniture Making and Design. Working with Japanese hand tools. Living in Scotland.

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