It is early morning and I have been awake for over 3 hours already. How do you kill the time when time is killing you? I sat down to my computer and decided to to finish the first proper post for this blog about the workbench I have been working on… but ended up doing this sketch of my son’s best pal.

Hubert, a 4AM sketch.

But, then again, is there such a thing as procrastination at 4AM in the morning?

Published by studio ASAGI

Furniture Making and Design. Working with Japanese hand tools. Living in Scotland.

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  1. I believe any produce born at that time of the morning/night(?) is in fact worth of admiration, the sketch you made is especially so as it is very good and if it is procrastination than I would love to be at least half as lazy as you are 🙂
    Most people I know would just go on their phone on facebook or Twitter 🙂
    And you have wrote the blog post too 🙂
    Real respect

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