Thanks for stopping by. The new blog officially opens – documenting my creative forays into the sphere of working wood. Any views expressed are mine, unless otherwise stated.

Drop me a line any time, don’t sweat the small stuff and try and be healthy. Cheers!





Published by studio ASAGI

Furniture Making and Design. Working with Japanese hand tools. Living in Scotland.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi, I love your website and your thoughts on procrastination. I had a wonderful mentor – Sue – who taught me so much. The first time I met her she said “my job is to take you on a helicopter ride to the ceiling.” She then helped me to explore what I really wanted to do and what was stopping me. Sue really did change my life. It’s not always easy but I really would urge people to seek out a mentor. It’s amazing how often people are only too keen to help you.


    1. Thank you Sandy for your comment. It’s not always easy or natural anymore to go out and ask people to mentor us, is it? Perhaps part of our modern culture where we like shortcuts and ‘cheat codes’ to get us there quickly, now! ๐Ÿ™‚ The history-proven model of a Master and Apprentice had a lot of merit, in many walks of life… It is interesting to see how the idea of a Master / mentor in Eastern cultures developed as well.

      Glad to hear you managed to find someone like Sue who obviously had a profound influence on your life.


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